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7 Quick Fixes for Sunburns ...

By Jelena

Quick fixes for sunburns have become a sort of a necessity these past couple of years when literally no amount of sun block can guarantee you safe sun exposure. We ladies, of course, don’t find the idea of spending a vacation covered in 50+ SPF and coming back home without even a trace of that bronzy Caribbean tan pleasant at all which is why we always end up needing a few quick remedies for sunburns after all! Now, I’m not sure whether you’ve just came back from your vacation or are about to enjoy one but the summer is far from over which is why you should definitely equip yourself with these fast treatments for sunburns:

1 Aloe Vera Solution

One of my favorite quick fixes for sunburns, pure Aloe Vera is available in many forms and under all kinds of names. You can take your pick amongst many brands, choosing a spray, cream, gel or tonic and, believe me, if there is such thing as an ultimate repair product to have in the fridge over summer, this is it! My absolute favorite is Aloe First Spray by Forever Living Products and I’m applying this baby chilled to all of mine and my hubby’s sun burns which, given our location, happen quite often. Knock on wood - thanks to Aloe Vera as well as my habit to bust out a spray bottle whenever we start looking like a pair of crabs, I can’t recall either one of us having a serious case of sunburns that lasted longer than a day or two.

2 Chilled Cucumber

Don’t have an Aloe Vera solution at hand? No problem – you certainly have at least one cucumber sitting in your fridge completely unaware of the fact that it’s about to get peeled, blended and used as a quick remedy for sunburns! Process your poor cucumber only slightly (you want it chunky, not runny), then rub this refreshing, cool ointment over your burns and let it dry. Repeat this a few more times during the day and your red, throbbing burn will look much better on the morrow!

3 Mashed Avocado Ointment

Want to try another DIY quick fix for sunburns? Hope you have a few avocados and some olive oil at hand then, because that’s exactly what you’re going to need to prepare this great treatment for sunburns! Slice open one to three ripe but not overripe avocados (all depending on the area you want to cover) pit the flesh, mash it up with a fork and add a tablespoon (per avocado) of extra virgin olive oil. Blend well, apply this mixture onto your burns (the sooner you do it the better) and give it at least an hour to work its magic. Rinse off when the mixture blackens and becomes totally try and repeat if necessary.

4 Yogurt

Might be the grossest of all quick fixes for sunburns but it really and truly works! Milk proteins will seep into your damaged skin restoring its moisture and elasticity, your poor skin will feel cooled and instantly relieved. Mix it with Aloe Vera or mashed cucumbers or apply a thick layer of plain yogurt only and let is sit on the burn for about 20 minutes. Rinse or tissue off and reapply if needed. Simple, huh? Well, let me just warn you that it doesn’t smell that good but, hey – better 20 minutes of smelling like a milk carton gone sour than a couple of days of excruciating pain followed by peeling and the Dalmatian puppy-like appearance!

5 Panthenol Cream

Panthenol cream is one of my mom-in-law’s favorite treatments for sunburns and although I’ve doubted it a bit at first, the only thing I can say now is that it really works! That ought to teach me never to doubt a woman who had spend all of her live at the beach and under the sun yet doesn’t have a freckled, sun spotted skin to prove it! This awesome cream will revitalize and soothe your skin in a heartbeat, doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all, has a rather neutral smell that fades quickly and feels especially good if you remember to pop it into a fridge before you hit the beach. Give it a shot – it’s quite inexpensive and can be used in regular skin care as well which means it won’t go to waste even if manage to make it through your vacation without a single sun burn!

6 Black or Green Tea

Feeling extra creative? Or simply not in the mood to go shopping for creams? Why not try another interesting DIY treatment for sunburns? Brew a strong potion of black or green tea (you can even use both), let it cool off, apply onto your burns and let the tea dry. Repeat this process a few more times during the day (you can use a gauze in case watering yourself with tea proves to be too messy to handle) and your burns will start looking and feeling much better!

7 Noxzema Original Skin Cream

Another super versatile product widely known as one of the best quick fixes for sunburns, Noxzema’s original skin cream is a must in every happy camper’s skin care kit. Its pleasant cooling effect and amazing nourishing properties are what made it so popular in the first place although its original purpose was to heal sun burns rather than serve as a beauty product.

What other quick fixes for sunburns can you think of and are there any particular, super magical treatments for sunburns you’d like to share with the world? Do tell! The more options available, the better!

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