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8 Products to Make You Look Gorgeous Naked ...

By Jordin

Look Gorgeous Naked without having to spend hundreds in a salon and hours of time? Yes, it can be done! This list of 8 products to make you look gorgeous naked are affordable and fun to use. And they actually DO make you look gorgeous naked! As women, we love to get dolled up and pamper ourselves, so look through this list and indulge with some of these products you can use to make you look gorgeous naked. You won't be sorry!

1 VS Fantasies Smoothing Body Scrub

VS Fantasies Smoothing Body ScrubPrice: $10.00 at
What better way to look gorgeous naked than by having smooth, touchable skin? This luscious smelling scrub will gently buff off dead skin cells and rough patches, leaving you with soft, glowing skin! What a sexy sensation!

2 VS Fantasies Hydrating Body Lotion

VS Fantasies Hydrating Body LotionPrice: $12.00 at
Of course you want to look gorgeous when you're nude, but you want to FEEL gorgeous naked as well! After buffing with the sugar body scrub, follow up with this hydrating body lotion to seal in moisture and keep your skin smooth and silky. The coconut passion scent will have you feeling like you are on a tropical island somewhere soaking in the sun!


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3 Clarins Stretch Mark Control

Clarins Stretch Mark ControlPrice: $50.00 at
When you want to look gorgeous naked, it's time to make sure all unwanted dots, marks or indentions are taken care of. This stretch mark cream is one of the best for getting the job done! This cream targets stretch marks and reduces their appearance while preventing new ones. Sign me up!

4 Beach Sexy Custom Tan Adjustable Self Tan Lotion with Shimmer

Beach Sexy Custom Tan Adjustable Self Tan Lotion with ShimmerPrice: $14.00 at
It's easy to look gorgeous when you have an amazing glow going on! This self tan lotion gives you nice color and a touch of shimmer-the perfect way to highlight your natural beauty! My favorite feature on this product is that you can adjust how deep you want your color to go with the twist of a dial. How easy is that!

5 So Sexy Style Body & Hold Volumizing Mousse

So Sexy Style Body & Hold Volumizing MoussePrice: $14.00 at
You can look gorgeous naked with the help of this root boosting volumizer! Don't forget about your mane! You can take your clothes off, but hair has to stay on. Big, sexy hair is always enticing!

6 Tease for Two Vanilla Craving Edible Shimmer Powder

Tease for Two Vanilla Craving Edible Shimmer PowderPrice: $15.00 at
With this product, not only will you be gorgeous naked, but you'll smell and taste delicious as well! What a bonus! I bet you he will love this sexy little package every bit as much as you do too! You can't beat the cute little box it comes in.

7 VS Smoky Eyes Kit

VS Smoky Eyes KitPrice: $15.00 at
Eyes are the window to the soul, and if you really want to look gorgeous naked then use this palette to accent them! Smoky eyes are the ultimate sexy look for any occasion and this palette comes with step by step instructions to make sure you get it all right. It has your shadow, highlighter and liner all in one handy compact.

8 Minty Lip Shine

Price: $7.00 at
This gloss helps you look gorgeous naked by giving you just the right amount of shine with a hint of peppermint oil which freshens your breath. Whoever you kiss will get a burst of flavor and their lips will feel all tingly-and not necessarily because of the peppermint oil! I love this gloss, I never leave home without it.

With this list of great products to make you look gorgeous naked, you will be certain to hold any man's attention who happens to see you that way! Do you have any favorite products that you use to make you look gorgeous naked? Please comment below and let us know! Thanks for reading my article on ways to look gorgeous naked!

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