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21 Persuasive Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Botox ...

By Lisa

If you’ve ever considered getting a cosmetic procedure and are curious of the pros and cons of Botox, you’ll definitely want to read this! It seems like everywhere you look these days, people everywhere are getting work done but is it really worth it? Check out this list of the many advantages and disadvantages of Botox so you can make your own decision as to whether it’s right for you or not!

1 Mend Migraines

Who would’ve thought that a reason to get Botox is to help pain? A doctor from the FDA who approved Botox reported that it can be used “to prevent headaches in adult patients with chronic migraines.” Britain apparently approved Botox for migraines before the U.S. and many people have reported a decrease in the frequency of migraines! But before you make your appointment, you should know that the treatment consist of 31 injections in 7 different areas around the head, face and neck every 3 months.

2 Expensive Habit

While you’re weighing out the pros and cons of Botox, don’t forget to think about price! While it can be considered a good investment, keep in mind that it’s going to take some keeping up. After 3-6 months of getting Botox, you’ll have to have it redone and it ain’t cheap. And if it is cheap, don’t get it! Many times discounted Botox is from overseas and more product is needed in order to do the same job that the good stuff does so you’ll end up paying more in the end!


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3 Correct Crossed-Eyes

Another one of the little known Botox benefits is that it can be used to help strabismus (crossed eyes), diplopa (blurred vision) and blepharospasm (eyelid spasms). Without going into too much detail about the muscles in the eye, Botox can help relax eye muscles so that they aren’t working against each other which can help the other eye muscle to heal.

4 Wrinkle Rebellion

Like with all drugs there are side effects and this is definitely a downside of Botox. While Botox has helped many women look younger and more rested, it’s doesn’t work for all types of wrinkles. Botox works to freeze motion wrinkles so you won’t see all your lines and wrinkles fade away after treatment.

5 Bladder Control

For those who experience bladder incontinence, a great reason to get Botox is to control an overactive bladder. Injecting Botox in the bladder can help it to increase in volume thereby reducing incontinence. Once you get the treatment, studies show that the effect can last up to several months depending on the amount of the drug used!

6 Fight Sweat

When you’re thinking about the pros and cons of Botox, remember that there are many more uses for the drug than just for wrinkles. Botox can also help those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) fight off excessive sweat for up to two years! Those who have hyperhidrosis experience unpredictable and excessive sweat. This can interfere with social situations as well as their daily lives so this is great news!

7 Emotional Roller Coaster

A little-known Botox side effect for some women is that they can cause changes in mood. Some women reported experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety along with panic attacks after getting Botox. While more research needs to be done regarding the matter, so far there is only one study that finds that the loss of sensation and muscle control from Botox can prompt acute anxiety and depression.

8 Spirit Booster

So, while there isn’t much scientific evidence to back the adverse emotional effects of Botox, one of the possible benefits of Botox is that it can make you happy. According to a study done by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, when your facial muscles are paralyzed from frowning, it can also lift your mood. This further supports the “fake it ‘til you make it” theory where you can fake a smile 'til it helps you to be in better spirits!

9 Mixed Signals

Something that’s often joked about regarding a side effect of Botox is the less communicative face. Botox literally paralyzes your motion wrinkles making it harder to make facial expressions and communicate feelings through your face. Avoid starting Botox or keep the number of units that you get very low if you want to avoid the dreaded “frozen face.”

10 Joint Pain Relief

Although it’s still unknown as to whether this is a reason to get Botox or not; there are some studies that show promise that it can help alleviate shoulder, knee and hip pain. While the role that Botox plays in pain relief for arthritis is unclear, what is known is that it can block the signals in our bodies that cause muscles to contract.

11 Resistance is Futile

An uncommon but potential side effect of Botox is that you can develop a resistance to Botox. Women have reported becoming immune to Botox after only a few treatments. When Allergan was contacted about this they reported that since Botox is a protein complex, some people’s immune systems reject it by creating “blocking” antibodies which can inactivate the drug.

12 Sexual Healing

One of the great pros in the pros and cons of Botox is that it can help relieve painful sex. A percentage of women experience painful sex from connective tissue and pelvic floor irregularities. For those women, injecting Botox in the perineal area can help relax the muscles of the pelvic floor and relieve pain for much more pleasurable sex!

13 Weaker Muscles

A reason not to get Botox is that it can actually make your muscles more vulnerable to sagging than it would by natural aging. Since injecting Botox is essentially freezing the muscle, it causes them to be paralyzed. This effect can cause the muscle to become weaker since it’s no longer able to contract on its own.

14 Sneeze Away

Another positive Botox side effect that has been recently discovered is that it can help us fight allergies. There is currently a Botox gel under trial that can potentially relieve allergy symptoms for up to three months. The Botox gel would be injected into the nasal cavity where it can block nerve endings in the nasal passage and reduce inflammation!

15 Facial Drooping

Of all of the pros and cons of Botox so far, this one is definitely a doozy. Some women have reported certain parts of their face sagging after getting Botox injections. Droopy eyelids, parts of the face or the entire face have been reported to sag after an injection. The good news is that doctors report that these symptoms are usually short term and go away shortly thereafter or for up to three months.

16 Scar Support

A reason to get Botox that can help a variety of people is that it can help prevent or diminish scars. Some surgeons will dispense the drug prior to surgery for skin cancer lesions to prevent pulling the skin apart at the incision site. Then there are other doctors who will use Botox along with other fillers to stop acne scars (also called pock marks) from growing.

17 Just Say No

While this isn’t necessarily one of the pros and cons of Botox itself, it still warrants a mention. When it comes to Botox parties or any gathering with some random person giving Botox injections at a friend’s house, stay away! If you happen to get injected by someone who isn’t properly qualified, you can end up with an uneven face or it can travel to other parts of the body. Always get injections done by a qualified medical professional for the best results!

18 Relax the Neck

For ladies who have bands around the neck area, a good reason to get Botox is to minimize the look of those bothersome lines! Botox can relax muscles in the neck area giving it a smoother and younger look. However, keep in mind that Botox isn't able to lift skin that is sagging. So, while it can minimize the signs of aging in the neck from softening the look of the bands, it won’t be able to lift or fill out any areas of the neck.

19 Scary Side Effects

Among the pros and cons of Botox, there are also negatives to think about as well. Last year, the maker of Botox was ordered to pay $212 million to a man used the drug in 2007 to help with tremors in his hands. Shortly after he was injected he became sick with a rash and a fever. Now he needs 24/7 care and suffers from brain damage. While Allergan promotes the use of Botox for off-label use, they failed to provide doctors and patients with the potential risks.

20 Jaws of Life

Relief from jaw pain is another one of the pros in the pros and cons of Botox. Many people suffer TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder which can cause pain while chewing, headaches and even hearing loss in some. Some sufferers have found great relief from getting Botox injections in their jaw muscles to relax it, thereby relieving pain. So far this treatment isn’t covered by insurance but it can bring life-changing relief for many.

21 Lethal Injection

Last but not least on this inventory of the pros and cons of Botox is that there have been incidences of death from Botox. While it’s rare, there have been reports of children and adults who were using Botox for medical and cosmetic reasons who have died. It appears that in many of these cases the drug spread to other areas of the body causing severe adverse reactions such as respiratory failure which lead to death.

If you have been contemplating whether or not to get Botox, I hope this list of the pros and cons of Botox has provided you with some food for thought. There are many people who get regular Botox treatments with good results while there are those extremely unfortunate cases of severe adverse reactions. Society practically demands perfection nowadays but this drug seems to be promising for relief from medical conditions as well as diminishing signs of aging. If you decide to take the plunge, make certain that you’re working with a qualified medical professional. What do you think of Botox? Would you ever get it?

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