7 Natural Remedies for Your Eczema ...


Eczema is an uncomfortable and often itchy and painful skin condition that cause a rash, flaky skin, redness and swelling. Battling it often involves prescription medications, but if you prefer, there are also some natural ways to treat and care for your eczema. Of course, they should never replace something your doctor has prescribed, but it’s always worth it to discuss natural alternatives with your dermatologist, whether they replace medications or work in conjunction with them. Consider one of these options next time you have a flare up.

1. Coconut Oil is a Miracle for Your Eczema

I’ll stand behind this natural treatment for eczema because I’ve used it. I don’t have chronic eczema, but I get a bit now and then. Simply massaging coconut oil into the affected areas can provide relief. The coconut oil eases the itchiness and can help relieve the symptoms of eczema. You can also combine the coconut oil with a bit of ground oatmeal for even more relief.

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