7 Informative Skincare Publications You're Sure to Learn Something from ...


There are plenty of skincare publications out there, but you canโ€™t always be sure that each is delivering you reliable information. Luckily, I went on a hunt for the most reputable skincare publications available so that we can all get news, facts and tidbits that we can count on to be tried and true. By reading up about your skin and the best new and old ways to take care of it, youโ€™ll be on top of things for your entire lifetime, which means gorgeous, radiant skin forever.

1. Harvard Health Publications: Skin Care and Repair

If it comes from Harvard, you can pretty much count on it being one of the best skincare publications youโ€™ll ever find. This particular publication is a one issue deal, but Harvard updates it regularly as information changes. This handbook is loaded with tips and advice on anti-aging, treating skin conditions like eczema and everything you need to know about cosmetic skin procedures. This handy tool will be one you refer to again and again and is available for purchase on the Harvard website.

National Institutes of Health
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