How to Take Care of Your Skin if You're Going to Wear Halloween Makeup ...


How to Take Care of Your Skin  if You're Going to Wear Halloween  Makeup  ...

For many people, October means one thing and one thing only, and that is Halloween! If you are too old to trick or treat, itโ€™s very likely that you will off to a more adult themed party, but that doesnโ€™t mean that you shouldnโ€™t be getting dressed up to the nines! There is nothing more fun than turning yourself in to a ghastly Halloween character with the help of a few special products, but one thing to remember is how harsh it can be on your face and other areas. Here is how to take care of your skin if youโ€™re going to wear Halloween makeup.

1 Prep

Add an extra layer of moisturiser to your skin before applying the Halloween products that you have bought. It will give you that extra film of protection against any pollutants or irritants that might be contained within. Itโ€™s also worth doing a little patch test before putting stuff all over your face.

2 Gentle Products

Do some research and browsing with regards to the chemicals that your prospective products contain. Sometimes to achieve such vivid and cartoonish colours etc., Halloween makeup can be full of lots of irritants. When taking off, make sure you also use gentle products for that job too because you are going to be doing more scrubbing than usual.

3 Triple Cleanse

Follow up the for the next couple of days with a triple cleanse. It might seem excessive because your face will look clean and makeup free, but there will definitely have been an amount of extra penetration if you wore a face full of Halloween makeup all evening and night at some party.

4 Moisturise

Moisturise heavily every night for a long time afterwards, just to help replenish a lot of the skin that will have been dried out thanks to some of the harsher products you will have used. Apply a thicker layer than usual for overnight wearing.

5 Face Mask

Swap your scary makeup mask for a gentle cleansing one for a good few nights after the big party. Face masks will be able to replenish all of the nourishment that your face might have lost at the hands of the overbearing makeup. If there were any chemicals irritants that stripped your skin of natural moisture, then face masks will sort that out.