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The Best Tips to Protect Your Feet in Summer ...

By Saam

Are you thinking of how to protect your feet this summer? Did you too notice the extra dryness, and skin aging that has not been there before? Worry not! Summer months are for exactly that: entertainment, parties, the beach, as well as hiking and walking barefoot. So, most of women have the same issue!

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take care of your feet even if you are at the beach or a pool site every day - keep scrolling to know how to protect your precious feet in summer!


The experts say that you should avoid walking on hard surfaces outside barefoot even when it's hot, because you're at risk of warts, burns from the hot ground and other injuries.

2 Be Vigilant at Your PEDICURE Times

You should be careful while getting your pedicures in summer time, as experts say that this is the time when most cases of nail fungus, wart virus and bacterial infections occur due to an overflow of customers and improper care of the tools.

If you want a pedicure from a salon then do make sure they sanitize the tools before using them on you or bring your own.

3 Alternate Your FOOTWEAR

You shouldn't only wear sandals or flip-flops as they don't protect your feet against sunburn. Alternate with shoes that cover the heel. Toms, loafers, any kind of comfortable shoe for you.

4 DRINK PLENTY of WATER - at Least 6 Glasses a Day

You should drink plenty of water all the time as water is the perfect prevention for many health problems, it'll also hydrate the skin from the inside - including the skin of your feet.


And most importantly, keep moisturizing your feet - after every time you take a shower, it'll only take a minute - but results will be great, your feet will look well taken care of, smoother, healthier, younger.

6 Foot Mask Will Bring Your Feet Back to Life

If you feel extreme dryness, you might try to do a foot mask - on moist feet, generously apply coconut oil, wrap them in plastic food wrap and put cotton socks on top.

Keep these on for at least 40 minutes or ideally - for an entire night for the softest baby feet you've ever had!

7 Apply Sunscreen to Your Feet when in the Sun

If you do spend your days on the beach or by the pool, do make sure to apply sunscreen on the top of your foot as well - that area is quite sensitive and it ages quickly if not taken care of.

If you get any injury on your foot, seek medical treatment as doctors know exactly how to ensure that you don't end up with bigger problems as a result.

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