Are Your Lips πŸ‘„ Ready πŸ‘ for a Mistletoe 🌱 Smacker πŸ’‹?


Are you wondering how to get your lips ready for a mistletoe kiss? Christmastime means a lot of different things to different people. There is the gift buying for the ones you love, settling down on the couch to watch lots of festive movies, attending let-loose work parties, and of course, the prospect of being caught under the mistletoe with somebody that you like!

Mistletoe is a great way to break the ice, especially when you are placing it around somebody that you have a crush on. However, you shouldn’t be going straight into a mistletoe mission without the proper preparation! Your lips need to be in perfect condition in order to make the right impact with a quick mistletoe smooch. Here's how to get your lips ready for a mistletoe kiss.

1. Overnight Prep

Before you go to bed the night before the party, make sure to moisturise your lips so they are nice and soft when you wake up. Something like an intensive lip balm should do the trick, and it’s not just a good idea for a mistletoe kiss plan, it’s also a routine that you should get into for the whole of the winter season to help replenish your lips from the harsh cold of the outdoors. Overnight prep is the perfect answer for how to get your lips ready for a mistletoe kiss.

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