Mistakes Making Your Chapped Lips Worse ...

By Carly

There are chapped lip mistakes we're all making. Anyone reading this who has problems with chapped lips will know just how debilitating and frustrating it can be. Having slightly dry lips is one thing, but being constantly chapped to the point of painful breakages in the skin can really start to negatively affect you. Unfortunately, some people are just destined to have drier lips than others, but there are definitely a few things that you can do alleviate your symptoms and give your mouth the best chance of being comfortable and relatively smooth. Here are some of the biggest chapped lip mistakes that you need to quit making right now.

1 Cranking up the Heater at Night

The warm cosiness of cranking the heat up might feel good at this time of the year, but it can be really bad for your lips. The heat inside your home can draw all of the moisture out of your lips and your skin, but you can combat this slightly by using a humidifier at night. Hot, dry air is one of the biggest chapped lip mistakes.

2 Picking Flakes

Don’t be so quick to pick off any flaky bits from your chapped lips. This will only lead to more irritation in the long run. When it is ready, the dead skin will fall off on its own and in a way that will not delay the larger scale healing process. Picking also increases the chances of infection and you might also make tiny tears in the skin if you pull off flakes.

3 Licking Your Lips

It is super tempting to give your lips a quick moisten by licking them, but this is one of the worst things you can do. Licking your lips only offers temporary relief from the chapped dryness, as saliva is something that works to take the moisture out of any skin that it comes in to contact with. Reach for a balm instead of licking!

4 Salty and Citrus Foods

Two types of foods that you should definitely be looking to avoid are salty and citrus. Salt is a massive dehydration agent, and citrus is notorious for stinging and irritating already chapped and broken lips.

5 Lipstick in Bed

Your lips will be prone to excessive chapping if you are one of those people who never can be quite bothered enough to remove all of your lipstick before hitting the sack. Leaving even a tiny amount of lipstick on overnight can have a massively drying effect, and you will look super cakey in the morning!

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