How Can You Hide Those Pesky Lines around Your Lips?


This topic comes at the perfect time for me because I was just wondering what to do about my lip lines this very morning while I put my makeup on. Are you thinking the same thing? Well, I went to the experts and gathered all their best advice and Iโ€™m about to share it here with you. Before I do, I want to encourage you to make an appointment with your dermatologist so that you can discuss treatments for your lines and wrinkles, as well as getting a full body check for healthy skin overall.

1. Add a Product with Retinol to Your Daily Routine

Retinol works by promoting cell turnover, which can smooth out your lines by plumping the skin in the area. There are lots of options, including day cream, night moisturizer or a daily serum. Just one application per day should give you results in just a few months. Skincare experts caution against using retinol more than once a day because it can be irritating.

Try an at-Home Laser Treatment to save You Some Money
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