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Hot and Cold Face Masks to Get You through the Winter ...

By Eliza

A face mask, whether it's hot or cold, can really soothe and repair the skin on your face. They are generally made to infuse your skin with ingredients that help support healthy, radiant and youthful skin, no matter your age. When you need a great way to unwind and make yourself look even better than you already do, you need to try one of these masks. Enjoy!

1 Biore Self-heating One Minute Mask
When you combine this mask with water, it heats up and helps clear dirt and debris from your pores.

2 Caolion Premium Hot and Cool Pore Pack Duo
The heated portion cleans out your pores and the cooling portion closes pores. Perfect.

3 The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask
Tea tree is ultra soothing, but this mask also clears pores and leaves you with fresh, clean skin.

4 Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask
This peel-off mask hydrates and soothes your skin for a refreshed look and feel in mere minutes.

5 Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Self-heating Detox Mask
Use this innovative mask to smooth and polish your facial skin.

6 Sanctuary Deep Cleanse Thermal Detox Mask
This wonderful self-heating mask is ideal for oil skin and can help control acne and blemishes.

7 Mila Moursi Cryo Serum Ice Cube Serum
This one is a total splurge, but it's anti-aging benefits will totally make it worth the price tag.

8 Freeman Cucumber Peel-off Mask'
Cucumber is really cooling and soothing and this peel-ff mask totally proves it.

9 Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree Face Mask Sheet
This mask is full of antioxidants so you know it's going to be heavenly for your skin.

10 Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Thermal Therapy Facial Mask
A self-heating mask that boosts circulation and exfoliates at the same time? Yes, please!

11 Sekkisei Exfoliating Massage Gel
When you massage this exfoliating mask into your skin, it heats up and helps clean and clear your skin and pores.

12 Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask
This ultra cooling face mask is made for puffy eyes. You are going to adore it!

Which one do you want to try first?

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