9 Hair Removal Dos and Don'ts ...


Most of us shave, wax, tweeze or laser away hair like it’s no thing, but there are actually hair removal dos and don'ts to follow! As you know, hair removal is a wonderful thing but it can also cause a lot of pain and unwanted side effects, like nicks from shaving or burns from hot wax. If you’re looking for some helpful hair removal dos and don’ts to help make your life easier, keep reading below!

1. Do Consider Blade Count

If you shave and find your skin frequently feeling irritated or dry afterward, it might be because of the blade. While it makes sense to pick a razor with a high blade count, it actually might be the reason why your skin isn’t feeling so hot! So the first of the hair removal dos an don'ts is from NYC barber Bret Reichley. He recommends three-bladed razors, as new razors with five blades can actually shave beneath the skin. This can cause ingrown hair or razor burn in ladies with sensitive skin.

Don’t Mix Formulas
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