7 Great Burt's Bees Gift Sets ...

Let’s face it — sometimes we’re just too busy to spend a whole lot of time searching for or putting together the perfect birthday or house-warming gift. That’s why I love gift sets. They’re so handy, and thoughtful… and who doesn’t like to receive them? I especially love beauty sets… to give you an idea of how charming and sweet they can be, let me share some of my faves! Here are 7 great Burt’s Bees gift sets.

1. Burt’s Bees Tips N' Toes Kit

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Price:** $13.00 at burtsbees.com Aside from the lip balm, this kit is all about your hardest-working bits: your hands and feet! Give them some much-needed and well-deserved attention with an entire kit full of balms and creams designed to soothe and protect. My favorite is the Almond Milk Hand Cream. Sweet... literally! Look at all those travel-sized goodies!

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