8 Great Gifts for Your Bestie ...


8 Great Gifts for Your Bestie ...
8 Great Gifts for Your Bestie ...

Your bestie is amazing. She’s smart, funny, always there when you need her, irredeemably sweet, and she has great taste in shoes. Let her know how much she means to you with a gift that’s as fantastic as she is… but what to give her? I have some ideas! How about a yummy-smelling gift from Philosophy? They seem to know exactly what to give your bestie, with so many gorgeous gift sets your head will spin. Here are 8 great gifts for your bestie…

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Philosophy Cheers! Set

Philosophy Cheers! Set Price: $25.00 at philosophy.com
If your friend is feeling blue, let her know you’re always her biggest fan with this peppy little set. It comes in an adorable box, with a trio of 3-in-1 shampoos, shower gels, and bubble baths, guaranteed to bring a smile to your bestie’s face.


Philosophy I Think You Are Wonderful Set

Philosophy I Think You Are Wonderful Set Price: $24.00 at philosophy.com
Well, she is amazing, isn’t she? Why not tell her, in no uncertain terms, just how wonderful you think she is with this cheery little set. It contains two yummy-smelling 3-in-1 shampoos, shower gels, and bubble baths, one in cheery, the other in mandarin orange. I adore the pretty flower print on the box and the bottles… this would be such a sweet gift or a pick-me-up!


Philosophy It’s Your Birthday! Gift Set

Philosophy It’s Your Birthday! Gift Set Price: $24.00 at philosophy.com
Celebrate your bestie’s birthday with cake and ice cream with this adorable hat-boxed set. The set includes one each of the sweet vanilla birthday cake and strawberry ice cream 3-in-1 shampoos, shower gels, and bubble baths. They smell divine, and will remind your bestie of her best birthday ever all year long!


Philosophy Just Because

Philosophy Just Because Price: $30.00 at philosophy.com
Who needs a reason to give their chocoholic bestie a gift like this? This lush set includes the ultimate indulgence for any chocolate lover, with three sweetly scented 3-in-1 shampoos, shower gels, and bubble baths. There’s one each of white, milk, and dark chocolate, and they all smell just like the real thing… yum!


Philosophy Thank You

Philosophy Thank You Price: $25.00 at philosophy.com
Your bestie is your greatest treasure, and you love her more than fruitinis, Jimmy Choos, and tacos. Let her know you appreciate everything she does for you with this set, containing the gorgeous Amazing Grace 3-in-1 and the Pure Grace foaming bath and shower cream.


Philosophy the Birthday Girl

Philosophy the Birthday Girl Price: $35.00 at philosophy.com
Last year, you gave her the “It’s Your Birthday” set, so this year, step it up a little with this ultimate Birthday Girl set. It has a little bit of everything, including a lush vanilla birthday cake lip shine, Amazing Grace 3-in-1, Purity Made Simple face wash, and one each hand and foot cream. Hooray for birthdays with your bestie!


Philosophy Greetings from Maui

Philosophy Greetings from Maui Price: $25.00 at philosophy.com
Remember when you and your bestie would escape from school and go somewhere warm and exotic for Spring Break? Celebrate those days with this tropical-scented set, including a lip shine, body lotion, and 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath… then call her up and start planning your next trip!


Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel & Lotion Duo

Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower Gel & Lotion Duo Price: $25.00 at philosophy.com
This set is a classic, a marvelous just-because gift, with one raspberry-and-cream scented 3-in-1 and one body lotion. It’s super-sweet, ideal for celebrating a much-needed girls’ night out… or a new job… or anything at all!

See? Philosophy knows how much you love your bestie, and they want you to let HER know, too! I know my best friend would love any of these sets (especially the chocolate one)… which would your bestie like best, do you think?

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