Girls Who Love the Sun 🌞Need These Protection Tips ⛱ ...


You know you have to wear sunscreen – right? You know you have to wear it whenever you’re outside in the summer – even on cloudy days. And you know you should reapply regularly, most particularly after being in the water. But there are other precautions to take and things to do to protect yourself from the sun.

1. Correct Sunglasses

One of the best sun protection tips to adhere to is to make sure that you own a good quality pair of sunglasses. On sunny days, sunglasses are the only form of protection that you have to defend your eyes from the harmful rays of sun, so it really pays off to invest in a more expensive pair of shades instead of picking up a pair of two dollar shades from a market stall that might be pretty but offer very little in terms of UV protection.

Rash Guard
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