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Forget Baths - How to Take the Most Relaxing Shower of Your Life ...

By Alison

Do you live in an apartment that doesn't have room for a bath? Many apartments have a compact bathroom that only has space for a shower, so long soaks in a scented bath are out of the question! But you don't have to be completely deprived of a relaxing experience - here's how to take a shower that will leave you refreshed and relaxed …

Table of contents:

  1. Make sure that you won't be disturbed
  2. Squeaky clean bathroom
  3. Gather all necessities
  4. Get some gorgeous scented products
  5. Make a scrub, face mask, or conditioning treatment
  6. Ambience
  7. Music

1 Make Sure That You Won't Be Disturbed

First of all, make sure that you have the bathroom to yourself. If you have roommates, wait until they're out, or let them use the bathroom first. Then you can take your time to have your shower and pamper yourself. It may be stating the obvious, but you can't have a relaxing shower if you're heading out afterwards, so have your shower before you go to bed or settle down for an evening's reading or TV viewing.

2 Squeaky Clean Bathroom

You'll also want a suitable environment for relaxing in, so your bathroom should also be clean and fresh. How can you have a relaxing shower if the bathroom is grubby? Give it a thorough clean first. Air the room and light a scented candle. Some tea light candles will also help create a pleasant and soothing ambience.

3 Gather All Necessities

Make sure that you've got everything you need close at hand. It's not going to be very relaxing if you get out of the shower and find there isn't a clean, dry towel for you to use! Nor do you want to have to use someone else's dirty towel. Also have clean clothes for you to get into after you've dried off.

4 Get Some Gorgeous Scented Products

Treat yourself and get some gorgeous new scented products to use. Or perhaps you've been saving an expensive gift set you got for Christmas? Crack it open! You'll want some lovely scented shower gel and a luxurious body moisturiser. There are also many artisan soaps that will be kind to your skin. You should apply moisturiser when your skin is still slightly damp, so that it can soak in well.

5 Make a Scrub, Face Mask, or Conditioning Treatment

Another way to pamper yourself with a shower is to make your own body scrub, face mask, or conditioner. Home-made products are fun to make, and you'll also know that you're using safe, natural ingredients on your skin. Add some beautiful essential oils so that gorgeous scents will waft through your bathroom.

6 Ambience

As well as scented candles, there are other ways to make your bathroom the perfect place for a relaxing shower. If your bathroom has harsh lighting, use candles as the only lighting (but be sure that there is enough light to be safe). Bring some plants into the bathroom, so that there is a touch of nature - it will be like taking a shower under a waterfall!

7 Music

Finally, have some soft music playing in the background. Do be sure the apparatus won't get splashed with water though! Classical or relaxation music is ideal, but choose anything that makes you relaxed.

So even if you don't have a bath you can still have a lovely relaxing shower. Leave some conditioner and a face mask on, and by the time you rinse your skin will be glowing! How would you design your perfect bathroom?

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