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If you’ve ever seen a Korean beauty, you’ve probably been stricken with intense envy over her gorgeous skin. Koreans have it down when it comes to skincare and you can tell just by looking at them. Luckily, they aren’t stingy with their secrets so we can all benefit from making over our skincare routine. It’s not hard to do and your skin is going to thank you forever once you try these tips. Get ready to turn some heads!

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Forget Feeling like You Have to Be Loyal to One Brand

Korean women are always switching up which skincare products they use and love trying the newest and the best. Since they still have lovely skin, you can assume that it’s perfectly fine to try something new next time you need to restock your products. Likewise, it’s fine to choose items from different lines if they work for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things for your skin is the lesson to be learned here.


New Products Are on Shelves for a Reason

Sure, there are skincare products that will always stand the test of time. But, skincare experts are also learning new things every day, which drives better and better products all the time. Just because something has always worked for you doesn’t mean its newest counterpart won’t be even better. Try it and you’ll see!


Quit Covering Your Flaws with Makeup and Treat Them Instead

I’ll be the first to admit that when I get a pimple, it’s way easier to just cover it up than it is to try to figure out why it’s there in the first place. Korean ladies have a sort of mantra that says, “skin first, makeup second.” What that means is you should be taking the best care of your skin that you can instead of relying on cosmetics to give off the illusion of perfect skin. This will involve a visit to the dermatologist and probably switching some of your products.


Start Early, but It’s Never Too Late

If you’re past the perfect age to start skincare, which is pretty young, it’s never too late. Starting a quality skincare regime at any time in your life is important for the health and appearance of your skin. Ideally, you should have started as a teen, but that’s OK. Start now and then pass on this advice to the little girls in your life.


Hydration is Mega Important

Want dewy, glowing and youthful skin? Then you need to be moisturizing properly and often. You obviously need a good day and a good night cream, but Korean ladies often rehydrate their skin during the day with a facial mist and also run a humidifier to keep the air they spend time in moist for healthy skin. You can make these easy changes, can’t you?


You Need Your Own Routine

A girl’s skincare routine is like her fingerprint. Meaning it’s not the same across the board. You need to develop a routine that works for you and forget about what your sister and best friend are doing with their skin. Experiment and change things up when needed so that you always have the best looking skin on the block.


Have Fun with Skincare

Your skincare routine might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to having fun, but making it into something you enjoy is a great lesson you can learn from Korean women. Make skincare something you look forward to by turning it into a spa-worthy ritual that you start and end your day with.

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I've learned absolutely nothing.

This is sooooo helpful! I am a girl who is struggling with skin care issues and now feel like I can finally resolve my problem!!!

This is awesome because i think it's always better to get advice on how to be better with your skin. It's important to me and hydration is a key that I really love for my skin. I want to continue this. Thanks for sharing

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