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Understanding your skin is a good way to stay alert to problems and take the best care of it you can, so these facts about ingrown hair should be beneficial for you. Ingrown hairs aren’t cool or comfortable and chances are you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The good news is that having all your facts about ingrown hair can really help you do this. So, check out this quick list and you’ll have all the knowledge you need.

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They Are Common Where You Shave

Both men and women are susceptible to ingrown hairs, but they are most common in areas you shave. I feel like that's one of the most important facts about ingrown hair that you need to know. It means you might see them on your legs, armpits or bikini line, which I’d say is another important fact you should know. You can monitor the places you shave so you can spot an ingrown hair right away, and get rid of immediately.


They Cause Skin Bumps

Your ingrown hair is going to look like a red bump, though sometimes they may appear tanner in color. The hair has basically grown underneath your skin, which is why you can see and feel a bump where that nasty little hair has burrowed in.


They Are Benign

Ingrown hairs might be unsightly and can sometimes be uncomfortable, but they aren’t harmful in most cases. You definitely want to get rid of your ingrown hair, but you don’t have to worry that it’s going to harm your health in any way.


They Are More Common on Dark Skin

For some reason, people with darker skin tones are more likely to have to deal with ingrown hairs. The reasons aren’t completely understood, but since curly or coarse hair types are common in people with dark skin, that could be the cause since they result in ingrown hairs more often. If this describes you, keep your eyes out for ingrown hairs so you can take care of them.


They Can Lead to Infection

In many cases, ingrown hairs will resolve on their own. However, sometimes they can result in an infection if they don’t go away. Rest assured that it won’t be a life threatening issue, but may be uncomfortable or painful until you get the problem resolved. A healthy awareness of what’s going on with your skin can help you spot an ingrown hair so you can keep your eyes on it. If it ever looks red or inflamed, talk to your doctor.

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You Have Treatment Options

Luckily, there are ways to treat ingrown hairs. Look for topical creams at the drugstore that are designed to treat the issue. You can also undergo laser treatment to get rid of the problem hairs. Talk to your doctor about which option is best for your specific ingrown hair problems.


For milder cases, exfoliation can help free trapped hairs from beneath the skin’s surface. Over-the-counter products containing salicylic acid or glycolic acid can act as exfoliants, reducing the risk of new ingrown hairs forming. If you prefer a more natural approach, consider using a warm compress to soften the skin before gently exfoliating. Keep in mind, while tweezing may seem like a quick fix, it can lead to further irritation or infection, so proceed with caution and use sterile tweezers. Always hydrate your skin afterwards with a soothing lotion to minimize irritation.


They Are Preventable

Yes – you can prevent ingrown hairs! The best way to do this is to avoid shaving too closely. I know you want a smooth shave, but having a bunch of ingrown hairs won’t be smooth anyway. Your best bet is to get a close shave, but don’t press down with your razor so hard that you scrape your skin.

Do you suffer with ingrown hairs? How do you treat them? Please feel free to share any tips and tricks you have!

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rubbing alcohol on the area susceptible to ingrown hairs helps tremendously

use whitch hazel after shaving/waxing and then keep an exfoliation regiment that you follow. for instance my favorite is mixing regular white sugar with olive oil and some freshly squeezed lemon juice. then after soaking in a hot bath or shower use this mixture and u can see the sugar removing the dead skin cells. this works almost immediately.

yes, Jeanette is right, exfoliating will help clear away dead skin cells and help release the hair follicles. you want to exfoliate before shaving or getting a wax. also using something like "completely bare: bikini bump blaster" will help the ingrown hairs in between waxing/shaving.

The best cheap and affordable product out there for this treatment is COCONUT OIL !!! I don't get it why most of you'll buy high end products while this works effectively and trust me when I say it works effectively . Given the properties of coconut oil , one cannot object it in any way . It works well after shave . But what I like to do it after I take a night shower I apply some of it to my arms . You know those tiny little bumps u find on your arms that look like goosebumps ? yeah they keep them all at bay . And then I'll apply some to my legs . I like to apply this every night .

Dead Sea mineral salt body scrub is magic .. use right after you shave or of razor bumps appear and they vanish within minutes

regularly exfoliating really helps prevent or get rid of ingrown hairs

Being and Esthetician I deal with these sort of subjects all the time! rubbing alcohol is a great quick fix but used to often can dry out the skin, eventually causing more ingrowns. regular exfoliation with a scrub or scrubby gloves and use of a topical serum is the best way to go! try "Serious Serum"! it's an all natural product that has BHAs and AHAs

thanx guyz for your suggestions...)))

I m having serious bad ingrowths on hands and legs ...can any one suggest me any solution...!?

apply neosporin over the freshly shaved bikini area.. its amazing:))

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