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Do You Shower Every Day 7 Compelling Reasons Not to ...

By Eliza

Maybe you clicked on this article because you are skeptical or maybe you just want to shave some time off your daily routine. Whatever the reason, evidence shows that there is absolutely no reason why you have to shower every day. Unless you get really dirty or sweaty, you can probably go a day between showers and be just fine. In fact, there is plenty of research saying that skipping your shower every other day might be a good thing. Here’s every reason you need to take a day off between showers.

Table of contents:

  1. Dry skin
  2. Losing good bacteria
  3. Time consuming
  4. Preserves water
  5. Helps with chronic conditions
  6. You might find a mate
  7. Offers protection

1 Dry Skin

It might sound strange that standing in a shower can actually dry out your skin, but it’s true. This is especially true if you like really hot showers. This can strip your skin of its natural oils, which leaves your entire body tight, dry and itchy. If you are prone to dry skin, skipping your shower if you didn’t get dirty can help preserve some of that much needed moisture.

2 Losing Good Bacteria

Believe it or not, your skin harbors good bacteria that you need for good overall health. When you shower every day, you wash all that off and it often can’t reproduce fast enough to keep up. This bacteria helps ward off germs and infections so when you clean it off, you put yourself at risk of health issues. Scientists say that you should skip your shower at least every other day to make sure your supply of good skin bacteria is as high as it should be.

3 Time Consuming

OK, showers don’t have to take forever, but if you find yourself short on time, there’s no reason why you can’t feel perfectly fine about skipping your shower and getting where you’re going right on time. Don’t worry, you aren’t as dirty as you think and you don’t smell bad. Add an extra bit of deodorant and perfume if you’re concerned, but the truth is that no one is going to know.

4 Preserves Water

When you pay your water bill, you probably experience a bit of sticker shock. Who knew it was so expensive? By taking a day off between showers, you save water and the energy required to heat it. That’s great for your bank account and the world because you are preserving natural resources and protecting the environment. Bet you feel better about skipping your shower now, don’t you?

5 Helps with Chronic Conditions

If you suffer from a specific skin issue, such as eczema, laying off your daily showers can really help. All that water can make the situation worse, so it makes sense that taking a break can provide much needed relief. Of course, that will never replace any creams or medications, but it can certainly help. Talk to your doctor about the right number of showers for your condition.

6 You Might Find a Mate

What? That’s right. Research shows that when you skip your daily shower, you’re natural scent is able to shine through. That’s the source of pheromones that attract potential partners. No, it doesn’t mean you’ll stink. In fact, your natural scent is usually so subtle that it’s entirely subconscious as to why it attracts the opposite sex. Try skipping a shower every other day and see how many dates you get!

7 Offers Protection

When you shower, you remove dead skin cells and extra oil. Sounds, good, right? In a way, it is good. But if you shower too often, you don’t leave enough of either behind to protect you from harmful chemicals and environmental toxins. A day off between showers should do the trick.

Do you shower every day? Which of these reasons is the most compelling to get you stop?

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