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5 Magical Skincare Products from Sephora According to a Beauty Pro ...

By Camille

I'm here to share the best skincare products at Sephora.

As a skincare addict and cosmetologist, I feel it my duty to provide you all with some sound advice. I hear some people say some crazy nonsense about what they like to use in their skincare routine, so I’m gonna throw some valid, Sephora-loving options at you. Go into that black-and-white striped paradise and walk out with some professionally recommended products!

(Sephora didn’t pay me to do this...they don’t have to; my love of that glorious place comes at no cost to them, just my poor, poor bank account.) Here are the best skincare products at Sephora.

1 OleHenriksen’s Pore Balance Facial Sauna Scrub

product, product, skin care, cream, lotion,This stuff is amazing and one of the best skincare products at Sephora. It’s definitely a hard working scrub. Volcanic sand buffs your skin to newborn status and works with OleHenriksen’s Green Fusion Complex really detoxify your pores. It’s inspired by the hot-to-cool method of Scandinavian saunas, and it’ll make your shower feel like one. For oily and combination skin, use 2-3 times per week. This bad boy does some heavy lifting, so sensitive skin types might want to try something more gentle.
$28.00 at

2 Joise Maran’s Argan Cleansing Oil

product, product, liquid, lotion, health & beauty,The fact that “oil” is in the name can be a little intimidating, but this cleanser is made for all skin types. My fellow oil-prone sufferers, you’ll be fine, I promise. This cleanser has a thick but clean feel to it, and warms when applied to literally melt all that make up off your face. Sunflower, safflower and grape seed oils keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowy AF. As a heads up, don’t let this biz get in your mouth, it does not taste me.
$32.00 at


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3 Glamglow GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

product, cream, skin care, product, health & beauty,First of all, this smells like a Fruity Pebbles cake. Which is going to make your brain think that it’ll taste good, but resist that urge! It will, however, make your skin feel soft and dewy like the morning grass, with vitamins and green tea. And glowy like a sweet, precious angel, with irridescent pearl particles. And! If you wanna go all out and get all three different shades, you can use it to contour. What?! Yes.
$49.00 at

4 Farmacy’s Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm

product,You hear this all the time; “It’s never too early to prevent aging.” Or, at least you do if you’re a skincare junkie (or a cosmetologist). As repeated as it is, it’s true. This night balm/gel-oil is a perfect way to start out. All of Farmacy’s products contain their Echinacea GreenEnvy blend, which is incredibly helpful in protecting and preserving that beautiful skin of yours. This new addition to your bedtime ritual morphs from balm to gel-oil as you apply, and it sinks in nicely. Antioxidants help even your tone out, lovely oils help prevent wrinkles while you sleep. What’s not to love?
$48.00 at

5 Sephora Collection’s Green Tea Face Mask

product, product, produce, product design, brand,Sheet masks are my new addiction. And Sephora’s? I’m obsessed with these babies. They’re cheap, super effective, and appeal very strongly to my lazy girl lifestyle desires. The Green Tea Mask in particular, though, helps when your face decides not to cooperate. It’s a good tool to have on hand when breakouts hit you out of nowhere. It purifies and brings a nice refreshing calm to your skin when it’s wigging out.
$6.00 at

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