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Beauty Trend Amazing Beauty Tricks You Should Be Copying from Other Countries ...

By Eliza

One of your best resources when it comes to beauty tips and tricks is your girls. Whether they live next door or on the other side of the globe, your fellow beauty lovers have loads of good advice to share. Here are some of the things that girls from other parts of the world do and that you can be doing too! Use the ones that makes sense to you and pretty soon you’ll have the exact look you want. Have fun!

1 Apply a Great Serum Foundation

Girls in the United Kingdom swear that serum foundations are way better than the traditional variety. They may be right! Serum foundation is said to be really lightweight, offering you the coverage you want without the heavy feeling that goes with some foundations. Not only that, but girls who use it say that it lasts all day and has the natural look you really want.

2 Try a Custom Complexion Enhancer

Thank the geniuses in Russia for this one! Girls there love to wear custom complexion enhancers and I can totally see why. They are basically a serum product that adapt to the user’s skin type and environment. So that means they can mask discoloration and fight wrinkles, no matter where you live.

3 Wash with a Micellar Cleanser

Micellar cleansers are having their moment in the United States, but they are much more prevalent in places like Paris, where they were said to be discovered. This genius product contains little tiny “capsules” that glom onto your make-up and the debris on your face, whisking them away easily when you rinse. Micellar cleansers are perfect for all skin types, but especially for girls with sensitive skin.

4 See What Pure Jojoba Oil Can do for You

Jojoba oil is used around the world, but you can learn from the girls in the Western United States, many of which make it part of their routine on a regular basis. Actually a plant ester, rather than an oil, the magical product is said to moisturize your skin and leave it hydrated and radiant. It only takes a little bit so buying some is definitely an investment that you can reap the rewards from for a long time.

5 Use a Mud Mask Once a Week

If you ask me, Indonesian ladies have some of the best looking skin I’ve ever seen. You can probably chalk that up to their love of mud masks. Yes, you can get them anywhere in the world, but are you using them regularly? I’m definitely planning to now if it means skin like theirs. Mud masks remove toxins and grime from your pores, leaving your skin radiant and smooth day after day.

6 Dribble in Some Blue Eye Drops

Parisian beauties swear by these magical little drops. You use them just like traditional eye drops, but the “blue” in these drops help fight red, tired eyes without any extra work or effort. No matter the reason for your red eyes, a little bottle of blue eye drops are sure to be your saving grace.

7 Do It All at Once with a Multitasking Product

We can all learn something from ladies living in Kazakhstan. In that part of the world, girls voted on multitasking products as being the best. We’re all busy raising families, working and taking care of the house, so I think we can learn something from these lovely ladies. Multitasking products moisturize, smooth, tone and refine, all in one simple product. I’m dying to shop for some of these!

What product is your go-to? Have you learned something from our friends in other parts of the world?

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