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7 Awesome Tips for Winter Lips That You Won't Regret Trying ...

By Alison

These tips for winter lips will come in handy (or should that be lippy!) if you tend to suffer from dry, flaky lips in winter. The lack of oil glands in the lips means that they're prone to dryness, so you need to take a few simple steps to keep them in great condition. Try these tips for winter lips and you'll have the perfect pout …

1 Moisturise

The first of my tips for winter lips is to moisturise your lips frequently. Lip balm is the obvious choice that most people reach for, but it can dry out your lips. So if you like using balm, choose one with moisturising ingredients such as Vitamin E and beeswax. Alternatively, use a simple moisturising cream and massage it in thoroughly.

2 Exfoliate

Like your face, you also need to get rid of the dead, flaking skin on your lips. You don't need to use a face scrub, which will probably be far too harsh. Instead, use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub your lips, or a damp face cloth. You can also make a simple scrub by combining lip balm and sugar. Follow up with some moisturiser or balm to make your lips beautifully soft.

3 Lipstick

Lipstick is a great way of looking after your lips in winter; choose a moisturising formula and it will help protect your lips from the wind and cold. It's important to apply the lipstick carefully, though. If you're applying it on top of balm, give the balm enough time to be absorbed before applying your lipstick. Otherwise the lipstick will just slide straight off.

4 Licking Your Lips

It's tempting to lick your lips in order to moisturise them. The problem is that this sets up a cycle that makes your lips worse. So resist the temptation to lick your lips; instead, apply a moisturising balm (not a flavored one that you'll want to lick even more). And for heaven's sake, don't pick at them. It'll make them really sore and maybe cause them to bleed.

5 Sunscreen

You may be really diligent about using sunscreen during the summer, but what about the rest of the year? Your skin needs protecting all year round, and the lips are certainly not immune to the dangers of the sun. Use a balm or lipstick with an SPF.

6 Aloe Vera

If you have an aloe vera plant, you probably know how good it is for dry skin conditions. When you break off a leaf, use the juice to moisturise your lips. Aloe vera is found in some commercial lip balms, so take advantage of the raw ingredient to keep your lips lovely and soft. You can also buy aloe vera gel to use for the same purpose.

7 From the inside

Are your lips cracked and dry? This may not just be down to the winter weather. Cracked lips can also be caused by a lack of B vitamins, so you may need to increase your intake (these can be found in many foods, including eggs and fortified cereals). You should also make sure you are drinking enough water, as dehydration can also make your lips crack.

Follow these tips for winter lip care, and you'll have soft lips all through the cold season. You can wave goodbye to dry, chapped lips and have beautiful soft lips instead. Remember to keep a balm in your bag! Do you have any natural treatments to keep your lips smooth?

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