How to Keep Your Summer Glow Going All Winter Long ...


Don’t you love the glow your skin has in the summer?

It looks healthy, sun-tinged 🌞 and maybe even dewy.

Then the temperatures drop and your glow is all but gone.

Here’re some ways you can keep your summer glow going all winter ❄ long.2

1. Healthy Skin is Glowing Skin

We can’t neglect the truth that what we eat shows on the outside.

As much as we all love pizza, cupcakes and bags of our favorite chips, they won’t help your skin.2

A treat now and then is okay but you want it be the exception rather than the norm.

When you make healthy food 🍌 🍉 🍇 choices, it’ll show in your appearance.

Your skin and hair will look healthier and you may even see the scale drop.

2. Wherever You Go, Take H2O

This’s a good little motto to help you remember to keep water close at hand.2

Staying hydrated will help your skin to have a glow.

When you’re not drinking enough water, it always shows in your skin.

It becomes dry, ashy and dull when you’re not drinking enough.2

Drinking water has a huge impact on the appearance of your skin.

3. Discover the Magic ✨ of Bronzers and Highlighters

If you’re missing that sun kissed look then this’s the key to recapturing that.

Bronzers and highlighters can be absolutely magical in transforming the look of your skin.

It can make you look like you just returned from a week on a tropical beach.2

There’re a wide variety you can choose from in every price range.

If you feel like splurging then try Benefit’s Sun Beam bronzer and High Beam highlighter.

4. Use a Self-Tanner

If you want to recapture your sun kissed glow all over your body then a self-tanner is the answer.

Tanning beds are dangerous and can cause skin cancer.

Self-tanner is a much safer option and gives you a pretty color that allows you to look like you’ve been tanning when you haven’t.2

There’re many different brands but I’ve always been loyal to Jergens Natural Glow.

It works well and has a pleasant scent.

Always Apply Body Lotion
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