8 Awesome Smelling Shower Gels ...


Regular bathing is a necessity.

But beyond that, shower time is the perfect scenario to unwind and relax before beginning (or ending) a hectic day.


I want to stay in the shower all day… if only my hot water heater – and my epidermis – could handle it.

And if both of those scenarios were in coordination with my wishes, I would use one of these awesome smelling shower gels or body washes:

1. Body Shop Satsuma

Body Shop Satsuma

Price: $4.00 to $15.00 at thebodyshop.com2

I’ve been obsessed with this scent – and this amazing shower gel – since I first heard of the Body Shop.

The sweet, citrus essence of mandarin oranges (which is what Satsuma means, in Japanese) is intoxicating.

I’m in a fruit hangover long after turning off the spigot.

Kai Body Wash
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