Why Multi-Masking is the New Beauty Buzz ...


Why Multi-Masking is the New Beauty Buzz ...
Why Multi-Masking is the New Beauty Buzz ...

You've heard of multi-tasking, but have you heard of the latest beauty craze - multi-masking? Social media queens are posting photos of their faces with two, three or even more masks. Covering your face with multi-colored splodges may make you look even more crazy than you usually do when you have a mask on, but there's good reasoning behind it. Here's why multi-masking is the new beauty buzz …

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One Size Doesn't Fit All -

One size may not fit all when it comes to the needs of your skin; different areas of your skin can have very different needs. Your eyes may be puffy, your cheeks dry, and your nose oily; how can one mask deal with all those? By applying a variety of masks, you'll give each area of your skin exactly what it needs.


You Can Adjust According to Your Skin's Changing Needs

Your skin can also vary depending on the time of year; for example, you may find that you have drier areas in winter but not in the warmer months. Multi-masking means that you can adjust your skincare according to its changing needs; it allows you to be much more adaptable than a single mask would.


You Can Try out Different Masks, or Use up the Masks You Already Have

If you're a bit of a beauty junkie, you may have lots of different masks already in your collection. By multi-masking, you can use up the masks you already have instead of constantly moving on to the next one and never finishing them up. And if you really want to experiment with new products, you can still find a use for your old masks.


You Know Your Skin, and What It Needs

You've lived with your skin a long time, so you've learned what it needs. Multi-masking means that you can use your knowledge and give your skin exactly what it's crying out for. If you know that the skin under your eyes is starting to show signs of aging, and your chin tends to suffer breakouts, you can use one mask to help smooth out fine lines and another to clear your skin.


You Can Customise Precisely and Target Certain Areas

Multi-masking is brilliant for customising your skincare to suit your skin's needs. You can be very precise instead of expecting one product to do a variety of different jobs. You wouldn't use one makeup item to do lots of different jobs, so why should a mask be expected to solve all your skincare needs?


You'll See Better Results

It's hard to find one mask to suit all your needs. You could be using a mask that's right on some areas of your face, but wrong on others. So you won't get the glowing skin that you want. By using different masks on different areas, you should see better results, as you've targeted each area with a mask designed for its needs.


You Can Mix & Match

Another good point about multi-masking is that you can mix and match product types. You don't have to stick to using the more liquid type of mask, but can apply a pore strip on your nose, a cream mask on your cheeks, and a clay mask on your t-zone. The masks don't have to join up; if you leave a small gap between them, you'll find it easier to remove if you have to use a different method for wiping each one off.

Have fun multi-masking, and enjoy your lovely glowing skin!

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A customized skin mask sounds good to me! :-)

Maybe by 'new' she means 'more common nowadays'

Keeps it glowing

I agree with @Alyx.

This isn't new at all lol. Esthetian have been doing this for decades on clients who need it.

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