2. Vitamin B

The second vitamin that I would suggest is Vitamin B Complex. Although many multivitamins contain these types of vitamin, Vitamin B Complex has specific advantages to the maintenance of the body. The reason that it is often taken as a supplement is because there are few foods that contain the vitamin – liver being one, which I’m not particularly fond of.

This vitamin works on your skin, teeth, nails, and hair, but you will have to be patient; as with all vitamins, it will take some time before you notice considerable changes.

Vitamin B-1 will not specifically help your skin but does serve to increase energy levels and helps to tone muscles. Increased energy will decrease the tired look that some people have, which is why I am still recommending it. A tablet of around 0.8mg is enough for women to take daily, or otherwise, you can find Vitamin B-1 in dairy products and wholegrain cereals and breads.

Vitamin E