7 Ways Water Makes You Prettier ...


Water has been known for many years to be a sort of wonder tonic that benefits your health but there are many ways water makes you prettier too! Drinking water has its obvious benefits of helping you feel fuller longer and keeping you hydrated but it goes way beyond that when it comes to beauty! Read on for more ways your daily water can do for your skin and beauty!

1. Sparking Eyes

One of the top reasons to drink water on the regular is that it can make your peepers pretty! Ok, so your eyes are already pretty gorgeous but drinking lots of water helps your body to stay hydrated and results in sparkly and fresh eyes! Think of how dull and tired our eyes looks when they’re dry and after we add a few drops of artificial tears or other lubricant, they really come alive! The best way is always the natural way so keep thirst and tired eyes at bay with plenty of water!

Pore Cleanser
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