1. Rub Aloe Vera on the Sunburn

Aloe vera is definitely a Wonder Plant. This is an excellent choice of product to use on sunburned skin. Fresh aloe is sold in stores right alongside the sunblock. You can also use the leaves from an actual aloe plant, if you donโ€™t mind destroying your plant a little bit.

When using fresh leaves youโ€™ll need to cut the leaves in half lengthwise and press the fleshy side of the leaf onto the skin. The flesh could also be scraped out from inside the leaf and smeared all over the burned skin.

Being prepared for the summer sun is a great idea. If you have these 7 ways to treat a sunburn memorized or written down somewhere, then you wonโ€™t have to worry about how you are going to ease the pain the sunburned individual is feeling. What methods of treating sunburned skin do you usually find the most beneficial?

Top Photo Credit: huaone

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