7 Ways to Protect Skin around the Eyes ...

Skin around the Eyes is the most delicate, thinnest skin you have. And since all the world can see your eyes, that's all the more reason to keep the skin around the eyes protected. But how? What products can you use to protect the delicate skin around the eyes? Keep reading! I've tried dozens of skin care products that are made specifically to care for that delicate, thin skin, so I can recommend a few! Here are 7 ways to protect the skin around your eyes.

1. Clinique All about Eyes

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Price: $29.00 at sephora.com
The name of this cream to protect the skin around your eyes says it all: it's all about the eyes. This eye cream is especially helpful for younger women... start using it in your late teens and early 20s for brighter, more wide-open eyes.

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