7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Winter ...

With winter well on its way, I think we all can use some ways to prep your skin for winter! When seasons change, sometimes it’s hard to transition and change up your beauty routine to suit the weather, in winter particularly. Well, what’s a girl to do? Below are a few ways to prep your skin for winter that are guaranteed to keep your skin hydrated all winter long.

1. Exfoliating

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Exfoliating is a step overlooked by many as one of the ways to prep your skin for winter, but it’s probably the most important one. Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, revealing smoother and more radiant skin underneath. If you live in a place that can experience some pretty harsh winters, this is a vital step in your routine. It’s important though to not exfoliate too often. I recommend only doing it, at most, two times a week. Any more that than that and it can begin to irritate your skin and do more harm than good.

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