7 Ways to Prep Your Feet for Springtime Sandals ...


7 Ways to Prep Your Feet for Springtime Sandals ...
7 Ways to Prep Your Feet for Springtime Sandals ...

Nothing sucks more than pulling out your cute new sandals, only to discover that your feet look horrible. When your feet are covered in socks all winter long, it’s easy to neglect them, which can leave you with funky looking toenails, cracked dry skin and other issues. Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to baby your tootsies so you can wear all your favorite sandals without embarrassment. Here’s how to get your feet sandal-ready in no time.

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Exfoliate Your Feet in the Bath or Shower

Exfoliating is super easy to do at home and helps remove all the dead, dry skin from your feet. Look for a good foot scrub at drugstores or make your own with a 1:1 combination of olive oil and white sugar. Gently massage the product into your feet, heels and ankles, then rinse with warm water. You’ll notice instant results!


Moisturize Often Throughout the Day

One of the easiest ways to get your feet back into sandal shape is to moisturize often. I try to remember to apply lotion to my feet during the winter, but I often forget. That’s ok. Now is the time to bump up the habit so your feet are smooth and soft all spring and summer. Experts suggest using a mask to revitalize your feet as well. Try a mixture of honey, sour cream and lemon juice.


Get Rid of Toenail Polish

If you have some lingering polish hanging out on your toes, remove it all. Allow your toenails to go natural for a day or two so they can breathe. Of course, you’re going to do a pedicure before you slide on your sandals, but giving your toes a break will help them look their best next time you drag out the polish. You probably also want to trim and buff your toenails at the same time.


Do a Deep Clean on Your Feet

Never heard of a deep clean for your feet? Today is the day that changes all that. This treatment will kill germs and bacteria, as well as get rid of sock fuzz stuck under your nails and leftover product that’s lingering on your feet. Fill a large bowl or foot bath with warm water and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Soak your feet for a few minutes, then wash with soap and water and pat dry.


Pay Some Attention to Your Cuticles

If your toes are anything like mine, the cuticles start to take over as winter drags on. Now is the time to take care of them so your nails are ready for the bright polish color you’re ready to debut. Gently push back the cuticles on your toenails and trim any excess away. Don’t cut your cuticles off though because this can introduce infection. Plus, there’s something about bleeding cuticles that is decidedly unattractive with spring sandals.


Now for Your Pedicure

It’s time for the fun now. Once your nails are clean, trimmed, filed and buffed, you can paint them a fabulous color to go with your favorite pair of sandals. This season, try poppy red or neon pink. Apply a couple coats of the color, topped with a shiny coat of clear to give you just the look you’ve been craving.


Keep up with Foot Maintenance

Unfortunately, once isn’t enough and you’ll have to perform these steps often through sandal season. Make sure you stay on top of moisturizing and switch out your polish when it starts to chip or fade. This way, you’ll always have the best looking feet in town.

What do your favorite spring sandals look like? What color will you paint your toes?

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