7 Ways to Pamper Your Lips and Keep Them Looking Beautiful ...


Maybe you don’t realize that there are loads of ways to pamper your lips. They are always out there for the world to see, so why not take good care of them? Your lips aren’t that big, which means it won’t take a ton of time to baby them a little. A few simple steps will give you a soft pucker that looks healthy and young. So it’s time to use these awesome ways to pamper your lips. I promise you won’t be sorry!

1. Exfoliate

Just like you exfoliate your body, doing the same for your pucker is one of the best ways to pamper your lips. Exfoliating sloughs off all the dead, dry skin and lets the young, radiant skin below shine through. Use a gentle product to prevent damaging the thin skin on your lips. Once a week or so, gently massage the exfoliator in and rinse it with warm water. You’ll be surprised how soft and supple your lips look and feel.

Drink Lots of Water
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