4. Exfoliate and Dry-Brush

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Though itโ€™s often skipped in peopleโ€™s at-home beauty routines, exfoliation is a critical step on the road to glow-dom. Vargas recommends all-over exfoliation in the shower to make skin fresh and bright. โ€œDry-brushing is my favourite method of body exfoliation because it is multitaskingโ€”itโ€™s actually incredible as a cellulite treatment and increases skin's elasticity, too,โ€ she says. Donโ€™t know how to dry-brush? Donโ€™t fret, Vargas shared her method with us.

โ€œStart at the tops of the feet and brush upward toward the heart. Spend extra time on areas that tend to be more stagnant, like the inner thigh, and donโ€™t forget to include the backs of the arms and the back. Dry-brushing immediately increases circulation, so you will feel warmer when you are done. Try it before you get into the shower for two minutes in the morning, and you will see a difference in your skin quality in days,โ€ she says.

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