8 Ways to Heal Bruises Quickly ...

Bruises aren’t something most people want to show off and they don’t always appear in a place that is concealable with clothing. If you find yourself prone to having accidents that often cause a bruise to arise, then take a look at the following list. Here are 8 ways to heal bruises quickly. You just might find something that works wonders for you!

8. Apply Ice as Soon as You Think a Bruise Will Arise

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Ice is a great way to heal bruises quickly. The pooling of blood under the skin is what causes a bruise in the first place. After a traumatic injury occurs, it’s generally easy to know when a bruise will most likely appear. Even if you suspect that bruising might happen, apply an ice pack to the area where the injury took place. The ice pack will often keep a bruise from showing up at all or greatly minimize the appearance of one.

7. Massage the Bruised Area

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Massage is also a helpful method. As painful as this might sound, this technique is supposed to lighten the color of the bruise. If the pain is intense when you massage the bruised section of skin, then don’t use this method!

6. Dab Witch Hazel on the Bruise

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Witch hazel has a cooling effect and it might cause some of the pooled blood in the bruised area to retreat. This is best performed on a fresh bruise. It might not help an old bruise to heal. Some people say glycerin has a similar effect on bruises.

5. Use an anti-inflammatory Ointment

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The use of arnica is another way to heal bruises quickly. Arnica is a used in homeopathic ointments. Even though it is a poisonous plant, it has anti-inflammatory properties. There are plenty of other topical ointments sold in most stores containing various anti-inflammatory medicines. Be sure to read the list of ingredients in case there is one you are allergic to.

4. Rub a Bar of Laundry Soap on the Bruised Section of Skin

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Colgate and Victory are just two types of laundry bars I can think of, but I’m sure there are plenty of others. Wet the bar slightly and gently rub it across the bruise a couple of times. Try to do this every couple of hours for best results.

3. Eat Foods Containing Bioflavonoids

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There are many ways to heal bruises quickly to be found in the foods you eat. Citrus fruits, peppers, black currants, and buckwheat are a few examples of foods containing bioflavonoids. These plant-based molecules are sometimes called ‘vitamin P’ and they help the body absorb vitamin C better. Taking a vitamin C supplement and applying an ointment containing vitamin C to the bruised area will also help speed up the healing process.

2. Apply a Thin Layer of Vitamin K Cream to the Bruised Area

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A number of creams designed for bruising contain vitamin K and sometimes vitamin E is also found on the list of ingredients of these special creams. Vitamin K is used to reduce the pooling of blood, which makes it a perfect addition to cream used on bruises. Taking a supplement of vitamin K will also help people who are prone to bruising after an injury. The additional intake of vitamin K will lessen the chance of a bruise appearing in the first place.

1. Use Botanical Oils

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Bruise Rx is an excellent topical ointment to use. It contains 100 percent botanical oils and seems to eliminate bruising extremely quickly. This formula also contains arnica and can be applied before the bruise appears or after you notice any sign of bruising.

If you are constantly bruising, even at the slightest bump, it might be wise to go see a doctor for a checkup. There might be an underlying health issue that causes the bruises to appear quickly and regularly. Have you ever used any of these 8 ways to heal bruises quickly?

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