7 Pro Tips for Winning the Battle with a Chapped Nose ...


7 Pro Tips for Winning the Battle with a Chapped Nose ...
7 Pro Tips for Winning the Battle with a Chapped Nose ...

There are several ways to deal with a chapped nose. As the winter harsh winter winds continue to blow this season, I bring to you a guide with tips to overcome a chapped nose. Chapped noses happen. Unfortunately, I can attest to that from personal experience. When I say that they aren't fun, just take my word for it.

Chapped noses commonly occur during or after an illness (such as a cold or viral bug), that present the need for frequent blowing or wiping of the nose. The friction caused by blowing and wiping your nose can exacerbate dryness, causing the skin to crack and flake, or "chap". This leaves the skin near and on the nose raw. Raw is the right word - reddish and sensitive. Stinging yet itchy. Yikes. Learn how to deal with this unfortunate, yet common occurrence with these ways to deal with a chapped nose.

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Avoid Peeling the Skin off

While it can be tempting to take that little tag of dried skin that hangs in front of your nostril into your own hands, please refrain from doing so. Peeling may expose more raw skin to the elements as you try to tear off a specific little tag. One of the top ways to deal with a chapped nose is to not pick at it.


Avoid Hot Water

Hot water tends to strip the skin of its natural oils, which is not at all helpful when trying to recover from a chapped nose. Avoid using hot water on your delicate nose, and instead, opt for a milder temperature of water to minimize the risk of setting yourself a step backward in overcoming your problem.


Go for a Mild Soap

Harsh soap is bad for a chapped nose for the same reason that hot water is bad. It strips the skin of its natural oils. When using a soap or cleanser on a chapped nose, the mildness of the cleanser is a virtue. A soap that lacks artificial fragrances and is labeled with the terms "oil-free", " hypoallergenic " or "noncomedogenic" is ideal.


Be Gentle

Friction is both a cause and an irritant to a raw and vulnerable nose. Friction is what ushers in the cracking of the skin around the nose, as it is harsh on the skin cells on the surface of your skin, especially when it is a frequent occurrence. If you must touch your face with a cloth or tissue at all, be as gentle as possible.


Protect Your Nose

In order to jumpstart the process of moisturizing the chafed skin of your nose again, a protective layer of ointment is essential. Once again, you want to avoid products with artificial fragrance, as it may further irritate the sensitive skin. Some easy ideas for your protective layer are applying petroleum jelly or a thick, unscented lotion. Natural, yet mild oils, such as vitamin E oil and camphor are also good to use. Camphor has the added benefit of having menthol in it, so applying it to your nose will help open up your airways as well (which is nice when you're sick or getting over a bout of sickness!)


Internal Moisturization

Sometimes, the inside of the nose also becomes dry when the nose gets chapped. You can use a Q-tip to apply a very thin layer of petroleum jelly or another moisturizer to the affected areas within your nostrils. You will want to avoid products with menthol in this case though, lest it overwhelms you. Chafing within the nose requires a bit more caution to treat.



Using an air humidifier helps to keep the air in the room that you are in moist, which is helpful for a dry nose. You may also want to turn the heat down and instead snuggle under your favorite blanket, as the heated air that comes through the vents is dry, and has a drying effect on the skin.

A chapped, dry and sensitive nose doesn't last forever (though it may feel that it does when you have one.) These 7 points may make the duration of a dry nose a little easier, though.

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