7 Pro Tips ✌️ for Winning 🥇 the Battle 💪 with a Chapped Nose 👃 ...


There are several ways to deal with a chapped nose. As the winter harsh winter winds continue to blow this season, I bring to you a guide with tips to overcome a chapped nose. Chapped noses happen. Unfortunately, I can attest to that from personal experience. When I say that they aren't fun, just take my word for it.

Chapped noses commonly occur during or after an illness (such as a cold or viral bug), that present the need for frequent blowing or wiping of the nose. The friction caused by blowing and wiping your nose can exacerbate dryness, causing the skin to crack and flake, or "chap". This leaves the skin near and on the nose raw. Raw is the right word - reddish and sensitive. Stinging yet itchy. Yikes. Learn how to deal with this unfortunate, yet common occurrence with these ways to deal with a chapped nose.

1. Avoid Peeling the Skin off

While it can be tempting to take that little tag of dried skin that hangs in front of your nostril into your own hands, please refrain from doing so. Peeling may expose more raw skin to the elements as you try to tear off a specific little tag. One of the top ways to deal with a chapped nose is to not pick at it.

Avoid Hot Water
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