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If you’re a new parent, you might be wondering how to care for your baby's skin that can be delicate and fragile. First off, congratulations on your baby! Second, I’ve found some really useful tips to keep in mind while you’re caring for your precious little one’s skin. Let’s help keep baby’s skin as soft and healthy as possible with these simple skin care tips!

1. Tiny Bubbles

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When caring for your baby’s skin remember that although bubble baths are fun, they might not be that great for your baby’s skin. Babies all have different skin types; while some have super sensitive skin, others are really strong. However, bath bubbles usually contain a detergent that can irritate sensitive areas causing an infection as well as eliminating good bacteria. If you want to treat your baby to a relaxing and aromatic bath, add a few drops of essential oils to the water, otherwise keep it simple!

2. Soft & Dry

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One of the major baby skin care tips that you might already be well aware of is to always make sure baby’s bottom is dry after changing. It might be a baby basic, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again! If you’re changing a diaper in a rush and forget to ensure that your baby’s bottom is completely dry before putting on a new diaper, all the trapped moisture can create a rash that could possibly turn into an infection. Make sure you use some natural baby powder or fan his/her bottom so baby stays nice and dry!

3. Powder Puff Girl

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Regardless of whether your bundle of joy is a boy or girl, baby powder can be a great skin care tool. The one thing to look out for is to make sure the powder you use is natural and not made from talc. Talc-based baby powders aren’t recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It has been the topic of debate for many years as there are as many proponents as there are opponents of baby powder with talc. The bottom line is, talc can be easily inhaled by you and baby and can cause breathing and lung problems. Obviously the choice is yours, but I just wanted to make you aware of it.

4. Get off the Soapbox

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When you’re learning how to care for your baby’s skin, keep in mind that soap isn’t always necessary. The Mayo Clinic recommends using only water to give baby a bath. If baby's skin seems to need a deeper cleaning, choose a mild soap concentrating on areas like the creases on the neck, arm, and diaper area. And look for soaps containing natural ingredients like coconut or olive oil to ensure baby’s skin stays soft!

5. Cover up

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Baby skin care also involves protecting the skin so it’s a good idea to keep baby’s hands covered up to avoid scratches. Some newborn babies tend to scratch their faces leaving scratches on their precious faces and hurting themselves. To avoid scratches and tears, keep their hands covered in baby socks. This habit usually disappears in a few weeks so don’t worry about socks on their hands being a part of their permanent wardrobe!

6. Don’t Be Fooled by Labels

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Another thing to keep in mind when learning how to care for baby’s skin is to not believe everything you see. We often associate anything labeled as a baby item to be all-natural and good for our skin but don’t let that word fool you! Just like some foods are labeled low-fat, low-calorie or natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can throw caution to the wind because there are marketing loopholes. Read labels and learn about ingredients in baby products before you commit!

7. Bare Minerals

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Don’t worry; I’m not suggesting you use mineral makeup as part of your baby skin care routine! This tip applies to the type of baby oil and lotions you use. Keeping your baby’s skin moisturized is very important but the type of skin care products you use is just as important! Look for baby oil and lotions that are natural. Many baby skin care products you see at the store contain mineral oil, which is a byproduct of petroleum refinement. This means baby’s pores get clogged, hampering the skin’s ability to release toxins and blocks helpful ingredients from being absorbed as well. Remember, babies like to put their fingers in their mouths and you definitely don’t want them ingesting mineral oil!

8. Baby Soft

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The last thing to remember when you’re learning how to care for baby’s skin is their clothing and detergent. Even if your baby has pretty resilient skin, some fabrics, bedding and harsh detergents can irritate their skin. When it comes to bedding and clothes, look for cotton or other soft materials and use mild detergents when washing any of their things. Soft and natural should keep baby happy!

I hope you learned something useful in this guide on how to care for your baby's skin! Baby skin care doesn’t have to be complicated and luckily there are so many more natural products that babies can use and benefit from! What are your favorite baby skin care products?

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