6 Unusual πŸ€” but Natural 🌱 Ways to Soothe ☺️ Your Sunburn πŸ”₯ ...


It’s crazy mad when the British Met Office issues a heatwave warning and has us all looking for ways to soothe sunburn. If you are anything like me right now, then you will be suffering from your fair share of sunburn! The heatwave is getting to us all, some more than others, so much so that you might be considering turning to natural remedies to see if the old-fashioned alternatives might be able to provide you with a little more relief than you are getting from that old bottle of after sun! Some of these work better than others, but they are all rooted in successful healing. Here are six unusual but natural ways to help soothe your sunburn!

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil can have a really calming and soothing effect on sunburn thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. You can apply it directly to the damaged areas to aid quick rehydration and moisture absorption. It will also help with any blisters that you might have developed.

Lavender Oil
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