7 Top Tips to Avoid Painful Shaving Nicks ...


Every girl who shaves needs effective tips to avoid shaving nicks, don't they? It's not just me, right? In summer, especially, shaving is a must – for those women who don't enjoy waxing or using depilatory creams, I mean. I always choose to shave because I get OCD about stubble, but those nicks kill me! They're not attractive but, more to the point, they hurt! If you're eager to show off your silky smooth gams but want to avoid all those icky cuts, I've got some fabulous tips to avoid shaving nicks that will keep you from reaching for the band-aids!

1. Use the Right Razor

Choosing the right razor is one of the most important tips to avoid shaving nicks. Don't ever use an old razor that you've had in the shower forever. Keep an eye out for rust. Don't scrimp on your razor either. I know disposable razors can get expensive, but it's worth it to choose something with a moisturizing strip. Also, while it's tempting to choose a men's razor because of all those extra blades, they're not right for your skin. Pick a razor for you – but no, it doesn't have to be pink!

Exfoliate Your Legs
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