Top 9 Tips on Caring for Your Feet ...


Our feet rarely get the attention they need during the colder months of the year so I decided to put together some tips on caring for your feet so they look good all year! Whether you want to pamper your piggies or just want to start taking better care of your feet, these simple tips on caring for your feet will help you get soft and silky feet that youโ€™ll be proud to show off!

1. Be Queen of Clean

The first of the tips on caring for your feet is to get those babies clean! Make sure youโ€™re cleaning in between your toes and not just the tops and bottoms of your feet. I know this might sound so basic but even in the shower; we spend much less time cleaning our feet than the rest of our body! So, make it point to really scrub your feet and toenails well and not just rinsing them with water!

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