7. Get a Better Fake Tan

Skin exfoliation is essential if you like to use spray tans or cream tanning lotions. As mentioned previously, exfoliating helps your skin to better absorb products but it also helps give skin tanning products a smooth, clean canvas, which allows for a more even and longer lasting tan overall!

Exfoliating your skin is one of the key steps in a good skin care regimen. We can do all the primping in the world but we probably wonโ€™t be too happy with the results if we have leftover dead skin cells! Remember, there are three types of exfoliation: manual, enzyme and chemical. If your skin doesnโ€™t like traditional skin scrubs, you might want to look into doing an enzyme exfoliation; it involves no scrubbing or chemical exfoliation, which uses acids. Do you exfoliate regularly?