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8 Tips on How to save Money on Skincare ...

By Alison

It's useful to know how to save money on skincare, when many of us are on a tight budget. Even when you have spare cash, you may prefer not to splash out on expensive products that promise results they can't deliver. Or perhaps you want to change the habit of having shelves full of products that you never use up. So here are some easy tips that will show you how to save money on skincare …

1 Multipurpose Products

Wondering how to save money on skincare? Start by purchasing products that can be used for different purposes. This is especially useful if you never use products up before they go off. It's also great for traveling, as you can save space in your makeup bag.

2 Samples

How often do we buy a product that looks great, but it doesn't suit our skin, or we don't like it? So we end up wasting most of it (and the money we spent on it). Avoid this by seeing if samples are available, or by buying a trial size. Then you can buy a full-size version if you like it.

3 Make Your Own

Homemade beauty products are an excellent way of saving money. Many fantastic masks, cleansers and creams can be made using cheap and easily available ingredients. You can make up just the amount that you need for a single use, and thus avoid wasting any of the ingredients.

4 Don't Be Fooled by Advertising

If you always get sucked in by the latest "miracle" beauty product, you probably know that you're wasting a lot of money. But you still buy them as soon as they come out. Remind yourself that advertising has one simple aim: to get your cash. No product is that good, so don't let the commercials fool you any longer.

5 Cheaper Brands

Unless you have very sensitive skin, you probably don't need to use an expensive skincare range. Most of the luxury brands also own other, cheaper brands, and use the same technology in the cheaper products. You can also find some pretty good products in discount stores and supermarkets.

6 Buy Online

Shopping around is always a good way of saving money! When it comes to skincare, you can often find discounts online, especially if you buy larger sizes. Do be sure that you purchase from a reputable outlet, as there are a lot of fake skincare and makeup products sold online.

7 Simplify Routine

Look at that shelf in your bathroom groaning with products. Now add up how much you spent on those products. Be honest - you don't need so many, do you? With a simpler routine you can save time - and more importantly, money. You don't really need an array of skincare products!

8 Larger Size

If you know that you like a skincare product, then you can save money by choosing a larger size. You might need to buy a smaller bottle or pot to begin with, which isn't so economical. Once you know that you're happy with the product, and want to buy it again, you can opt for the larger size and make long-term savings.

It's annoying when you waste money on skincare products, and your money can also be better spent elsewhere (or saved). Cash is tight for many of us these days, and we need to make it stretch as far as possible. While we need to look after our skin, we don't have to spend a lot of money on doing so. Are you always buying products you never finish, or do you stick to a few tried and tested favourites?

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