9 Tips on Dry Brushing You Won't Want to Miss ...

If you’ve been curious about dry brushing, I’ve got nine helpful tips on dry brushing to provide you with some helpful hints to take the mystery out of this beneficial skin care practice. Dry brushing might not appear like much, but it provides a host of benefits for your body and skin that you’re going to love! Let’s get right into these tips on dry brushing so you can enjoy the skin care perks right away.

1. Dry Brushing 101

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Before we get into the tips on dry brushing, allow me to explain what it is. Dry brushing involves using a specific type of face or body brush to gently but firmly brush your dry skin. You don’t use any kind of cream or skin care product with dry brushing. Both the brush and your skin will be dry, so once you get the brush, it’s really quite simple to do!

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