8 Tips for when You Intend to Visit a Tanning Salon ...


8 Tips for when You Intend to Visit a Tanning Salon ...
8 Tips for when You Intend to Visit a Tanning Salon ...

My tanning salon tips are intended to keep you safe and also help you get the best result. At the mere mention of summer and holidays, tanning salons are in full production with women insisting on that immediate sun kissed glow. But beware, the media has increasingly shown that behind the salon doors danger lurks - the sun beds. These can be extremely dangerous if used indiscriminately, especially by people who are so desperate to look good amongst their peers without realizing the consequences. Together with the sun’s rays, the bed’s ultra violet rays are leading to a dramatic increase in skin cancer and causing great concern. So here are some important tanning salon tips.

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Get Good Salon Recommendations

One of the most important tanning salon tips is to make an effort to get good personal recommendations from family and friends before deciding on a particular salon. Even if the closest salon is more convenient, it does not mean it is the safest or offers the best quality tanning, so travel further afield for a safer and high quality end result. Also try searching the Internet to see what comes up, but there again, caution must be taken as with any online search, which could be offering bogus reviews.


Be Honest with the Salon

When questioned on arrival or filling out the required questionnaire regarding personal and health details, be totally honest. The questions are there for your protection so that the salon can keep a record of your visits and other tanning information you have. If there is any question of skin cancer history you will not be allowed to go onto the sun beds and the alternative spray tan will be offered to you. These tans provide a great looking tan instantly and the high quality airbrushing will not leave you with those weird looking orange tans often produced by poor quality salons and self tans.


Follow Instructions

If this is your first visit to a salon, ask the beautician for advice and follow her instructions exactly – after all, they should be in position to give the best tanning salon advice. This is not only concern for your safety but that a good quality tan will be acquired. When under the lights do not try and sneak in a couple of minutes longer than what has been recommended for that particular visit.


Protect Your Eyes

Whether you have opted for the sun bed or spray tan, the use of goggles is a must for the protection of your eyes – so no arguments about this, just put them on. This is one of the essential tanning salon tips because the lights from the sun bed are exactly the same as looking straight into the sun, which will cause eye damage. The spray tan liquid contains many chemicals which could be very harmful to the eyes if it is splashed around this area.


Exfoliate before Tanning

To achieve good tanning results, it is best to scrub the dead skin cells away by exfoliation, leaving new healthy skin cells waiting to be tanned. The exfoliation will also help to prevent peeling.


Wash Carefully

After spray tanning, it would be best to shower the following day so the spray tan can be fully absorbed into the skin. Do not to scrub too roughly after spray tanning as this will cause the tan to fade quicker. If a sun bed is being used it is best not to use animal fat soaps, as this can prevent tanning.


Moisturize Well

The best tanning salon advice will also include useful pointers on how to look after your skin pre and post tan. It is important to moisturize well before having a spray tan. Pay particular attention around the knees and elbows to achieve a more even tan and prevent any skin irritation. If using a sun bed then a special lotion will be provided for you to apply before going under the lights. Moisturizing again a few hours later will keep the skin supple.



It is advisable to shave before any tanning session – spray and bed – as after tanning, the skin can become irritated and shaving will make it sore and uncomfortable.

It is advisable to follow these tanning salon tips to ensure you get the best results and have a healthy looking and sustainable tan that isn’t harming your body. Are you a salon girl or a self tanner?

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Agree with both of you! And in my opinion dark tans looks gross and fake. Pasty and tasty over here!!

I have recently had a tint skin cancer removed from my nose. In order to ensure they got it all I had a HUGE chunk taken out of my nose, my nose will never look the same again. Sorry to break it to you but even tiny bits of sun will hurt you. I used 30 SPF and I still got cancer!!


It is harmful once you get burned. Like the Real Sun. But taking Sun in small amounts Wont hurt you...

Lol at pasty and tasty! The pasty part would be me also..

Not everyone who tans is going to get cancer, it's doing things to the extreme that is unhealthy, anything that is done to the extreme is not healthy, but for myself, I feel tanning is very therapeutic,and relaxing it's very good for you to get that vitaminD as well, as I was saying there are negative effects to doing anything in excess...

People who choose to go to a tanning salon know the risks! Something that differs from the natural sun and a tanning salon is CONTROL. In a bed, you are only tanning for the recommended time given by the employee and on the beach, one can lay out for hours and put themselves more at risk. Many tanners in states with little sun rays (ex. Alaska) only go for the Vitamin D aspect or SADD, as no supplements or food contains the same amount as the sun. Bed tanners and beach tanners/outdoor tanners tan at their own discretion, KNOWING the risks. We need the sun to live and Vitamin D to stay healthy. People are taught by docs & derms who are paid millions to tell patients to stay out of the sun - that it's deadly! If docs told you that water is deadly, would you stop drinking water too?!

Agree! there's far too many risks associated with sunbeds plus developing skin cancer is way much higher. Why can't they just shut them all down?!!

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