7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Cuticles ...


How to Care for Cuticles properly, without having to go get a manicure, is something about which I've always been curious. I do a number on my cuticles just by virtue of doing the dishes and things like that, so I don't have the time (or the inclination, honestly) to go get a manicure every week, or even every other week. I bet a lot of you feel the same way. So you too may be wondering how to care for cuticles on your own. There are actually lots of things you can do yourself, right at home, so keep reading for some awesome tips on how to care for cuticles like a pro!

1. Major Moisturizer

The first step in learning how to care for cuticles is to moisturize – a lot. You need to keep your cuticles hydrated at all times. You need to massage moisturizer into your cuticles every single day. Do it at least once, but it also helps to do it after washing your hands, at least some of the time.

Handle Dry Cuticles with Care
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