7 Tips πŸ–Š to Brighter 🌟 Skin for Girls Pale in Complexion πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸ» ...

If you have pale skin, like me, you may want to warm it up and add a hint of color. But when you use products like bronzer you can easily end up looking like a clown if you're not careful! So how can you give your skin a lift while avoiding overdoing it? Here are some tips for brightening up your pale skin …

1. Banish the Bronzer

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In winter, you may be tempted to reach for bronzer to warm up your pale skin. But it's not the answer in winter, when you wouldn't normally have even the hint of a tan. There are much better ways to brighten your skin; even the lightest bronzer could stand out too much. Tinted moisturiser will work much better, and give your skin some much-needed moisture to help it through the winter months.

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