This Year's Must-have Product for Festivals ...


This Year's Must-have Product for Festivals ...
This Year's Must-have Product for Festivals ...

You will probably take many guesses but not hit on the right answer to what is the must-have product for festivals in 2018. So, hold on to your pants, cos it’s … drum roll please … glitter sunscreen! Ta da.

Let’s bow down to Sunshine & Glitter who have finally brought the product we have been waiting for all our lives. And it’s got great thought behind it. It is not just a faddy beauty product but has true value as a sunscreen. It is broad spectrum SPF 50 (good news for you fair skinned babes) and is waterproof for up to 80 minutes.

I think this is a fabulous idea for festivals, but I can’t imagine it being great for the beach unless you have a unicorn or mermaid vibe going on. I can see it being a nice sunscreen to apply late in the afternoon if you’re sticking around outside during the early evening before the sun goes down. (Remember! The sun is damaging at any time of day). But hey, if you have the confidence to go glittery in your bikini, rock it, girl.

Sea Star Sparkle comes in pink, gold and rainbow with suitably apt fragrances of Very Berry, Mango Tango, and Party Cake. General size is 4oz and a single tube costs $18.95. There’s also a travel pack of mixed sachets for $13.95 – a great way to try or to share with friends.

What I also love is that the glitter is BPA free, so no dolphins or mermaids will suffer and the creams are free of other nasty stuff too. Beauty without cruelty girls!

Sunshine & Glitter have gone one step further in caring for us girls who care for their skin. What do we dislike about festivals? Not the smelly bathrooms or lack of showers, or two favorite bands playing at the same time, but pesky bugs. The answer? Glamour Camper glitter sunscreen with bug repellent.

And if that’s not enough to assuage your passion for all things glitter, there’s other great hair and body products.

You can never have too much glitter right?

Visit for all that glisters is not gold and to stock your toiletries bag with this year’s must have product for festivals.

p.s. readers. this is not an advertisement and I, nor Allwomenstalk, are affiliated with Sunshine & Glitter. I just wanted to share this great product with you.

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