9 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face ...


It’s easy to panic when you’ve run out of moisturizer or cleanser and reach for something you think might work instead, but there are some things you should never put on your face. The pain of going a day without moisturizer is far easier to deal with than a nasty reaction to the substitute you played. Remember this list of things you should never put on your face and go to the shops to buy what you need as soon as you can.

1. Body Lotion

You’ve run out of your favorite face cream so you’re looking for something to put on your face before you apply your foundation. Body lotion will work- right? Wrong. Body lotion is one of the things you should never put on your face. Most body lotion will contain a fragrance that can bring you out in a rash or cause an irritation. Stick with your daily moisturizer and don’t be tempted to use body lotion.A day without is better than days trying to deal with the after effects of a reaction.

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