7 Things to Know about Micellar Facial Cleansers ...

Eliza Martinez

7 Things to Know about Micellar Facial Cleansers ...

Luckily for all of us, new and better facial cleansers are being created all the time, including those that fall into the micellar category. Never heard of them? I hadn’t either until just recently. This type of facial cleanser was developed in France, but is becoming much more widely known and understood in other parts of the world. You might have a bit of trouble finding one now, but the technology of the micellar facial cleansers is taking the world by storm, so chances are they will be filling store shelves in no time.

1 Definition

If you’re asking what the heck a micellar facial cleanser is, you’re about to find out. Micellar skin cleaners were developed to counteract the notoriously hard water that French women have to deal with. They are a gentle cleanser loaded with tiny oil spheres that attract all the yucky stuff on your skin, including dirt, debris and make-up.

2 No Rinsing Required

Because much of the water supply in France is hard, micellar products were created to be used without having to rinse. That’s right – you don’t have to rinse after washing. Simply swipe the product all over your face with a cotton ball or cotton pad and you’re done. Talk about streamlining the cleansing process, right?

3 Great for Dry Skin

Because micellar cleansers are basically just purified water with oil globes floating around inside, they are great for dry skin. Experts say that micellar cleansers won’t cause the typical reactions that occur with regular ones. That’s because the ingredient list is short and you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals. In addition, the oils are hydrating to parched skin.

4 Won’t Make Your Skin Oily

You might be wondering if micellar cleansers are appropriate for oily skin. The experts say that despite having oil in them, they won’t leave your face shiny and the oil will come back off your skin as you swipe. It simply works to dissolve the icky stuff on your skin, then it is wiped away as you keep working.

5 One Step

As I mentioned above, you won’t need to rinse when you use micellar facial cleansers. Experts also say that the products eliminate the need to follow up with toner. Could it get any better than that? A cleansing process that literally takes less than five minutes? I can get on board with that, can’t you? Simply wet your face, swipe the cleanser on and you’re done. Early bedtime, anyone?

6 Prices Are Going down

Micellar facial cleaners have been around since the 1990s, but you couldn’t get them in many places other than France. Luckily for us girls living in the United States, micellar cleansers have hopped the pond and are appearing in stores. As the availability grows, the prices are falling. So expect to save some cash as time goes by.

7 Not Perfect

Despite how they sound, micellar cleansers might not be the miracle they sound like. While they are great for everyday use, some experts say they aren’t as effective on waterproof make-up and that they might not remove every trace of cosmetics if you wear more than just a small amount. Some girls have also said that the product doesn’t always give them the clean feeling they want.

Will you give micellar facial cleansers a try after reading this? If you’ve already tried them, do they work for you?