7 Super Simple Ways to Get Your Armpits Ready for Tank Top Season ...


I look forward to summer because I love wearing tank tops! They are perfect for keeping me cool when the temperature soars and they look great dressed up or down. Whether your go-to look is a simple ribbed tank or you like the fancier ones that you can wear to work and church, you need to get your armpits ready. They are on full view when you don’t have sleeves, particularly when you raise your arms or reach for something. Here’s everything we should all be doing right now for perfect looking armpits all summer long.

1. Buy Yourself a Brand New Razor for a Really Close Shave

Now that your armpits aren’t nestled inside your sweaters and jackets anymore, it’s time to get them into shape. If you’ve been using the same razor all winter long, it’s time to invest in a new one. I know that I like to prolong the life of my razors as long as possible, but a new one is going to give you a closer and longer lasting shave so you don’t have to worry about stubble every day.

Exfoliate the Area Really Well with a Gentle Scrub
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